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Male Oral Sex Techniques

Male Oral Sex Techniques by Dr. Ava Cadell

It’s a basic male instinct to seek oral gratification.  A man loves receiving oral sex from a woman because it feels like he’s having intercourse in her mouth.  Her soft warm lips wrapped around his pride and joy with her wet tongue dancing around his penis as her furnace sucks him deeper.  This is one of the ultimate pleasures for any red-blooded man. Here are some oral sex techniques:

  • Always use your hands as an extension of your mouth.
  • Put his penis in the side of your mouth to prevent the “Gag Reflex.”
  • Try to keep eye contact with your lover while orally pleasing him.
  • Pump him up by squeezing his penis in the palm of your hand.
  • Use the tip of your tongue from side to side across his urethral opening.
  • His Frenulum deserves extra licking, kissing, and gentle sucking.
  • Wrap your lips tightly around his Glans (head) and use plenty of suction.
  • Flick your tongue around his Coronal Ridge (around the base of the Glans).
  • Lick and lap his Raphe with the flat of your tongue (underside/seam of his penis).
  • Change your rhythm from long, slow sucking to short, fast, milking action.
  • Shake and wiggle his penis in your mouth.
  • Hold the base tight while making spiral motions around the Glans.
  • Gently tug his Scrotum while sucking him from the shaft to the Glans.
  • Push on his Perineum (between the Anus and the Scrotum) while sucking.
  • Put your finger (palm up) inside his mouth, while giving him oral love.
  • Stroke his "Sacred Spot" (just inside the anus) while sucking.
  • For "Deep Throating" keep your head back and let him straddle you.
  • Stimulate his Glans with your index finger while you are sucking.
  • Suck on an ice cube prior to oral love.
  • Drink some hot liquid prior to oral love.
  • Make humming sounds during oral love for some extra vibration.
  • Discover his Prostate area with your finger while sucking his Glans.
  • Rub fruits and juices on him and lick them off.
  • Put him between your breasts (cleavage fornication) for variety.
  • Wrap beads around his scrotum tugging gently while sucking.
  • Stroke his penis lovingly with your hair and your face.
  • Gargle with mouthwash or suck on a mint prior to oral love for a tingle.
  • Don't change your rhythm just before he climaxes unless he asks you to.
  • Ask him how he wants to be sucked; gently, hard, slow, fast, deep...

Enthusiasm is more important than technique!

Oral Sex

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