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Science of Kissing by Dr. Ava Cadell

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts of sex (yes, its sex when you exchange bodily fluids and that includes kissing) which is why I call it “facial intercourse,” a phrase I often like to use in my seminars.

What you may not know about kissing is that there is now scientific evidence that long, wet, deep, passionate kissing can stimulate the same type of brain activity as high risk sports activities such as bungee jumping.  The feelings of anticipation and excitement from both activities cause the brain to release feel good endorphins and neurotransmitters (chemicals) like Dopamine, whose targeted actions includes voluntary movement and emotional arousal and Noradrenaline for wakefulness and physical arousal.

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Drugs like Speed and Amphetamines that suppress appetite and enhance performance create similar feelings to the natural endorphins your body releases during passionate kissing and sports.  Unlike when you’re rock climbing, speed skiing, or parachuting, when you kiss someone you have incredible chemistry with, your brain sends messages to your body that creates physical changes and sensations resulting in arousal; and if you move from kissing to caressing, oral sex, intercourse, and orgasm, your body will go through five stages of a sexual response cycle.

Masters and Johnson described the sexual response cycle as having four stages in the 1960’s when they studied over 10,000 response cycles: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution. I personally believe there are actually five cycles, especially for women, the first being foreplay.

Cycle #1 – Foreplay

Most people I know like to be prepared for sex whether it’s with a kiss, caress, or hearing about what’s to come (excuse the pun).  Foreplay creates sexual anticipation and releases feel-good endorphins and it gets the blood flowing towards the genitals.

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Cycle #2 – Excitement

One of the major physical responses to excitement is known as Vasocongestion, which is when blood flow increases to the genital tissues, breasts, and nipples.  A woman’s breasts swell and her nipples become erect, her vagina becomes lubricated, and her clitoris can grow up to three times its normal size.  His increased blood flow to the genitals enables the penis to harden and stay erect.  Blood pressure rises, heartbeat and breathing quicken, and the body becomes more sensitive to touch.

Cycle #3 – Plateau

Body temperature continues to rise and changes the color of her inner labia to an intense rosy red.  Her uterus pulls upward into the abdomen, broadening the vaginal space allowing the penis to fit.  The head of his penis becomes engorged with blood and swells.  At the urethral opening, some men will secrete pre-ejaculatory fluid which contains semen.

Cycle #4 – Orgasm

Breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate increases as muscle tension is building to a peak.  The vagina contracts at 0.8 second intervals so if you’ve ever wanted to know if a woman has reached an orgasm, just watch her vagina contract involuntarily.  The testicles rise up close to his penis while his prostate gland is filled with fluid.  When his automatic pelvic muscular contractions begin, it’s the point of no return…orgasm and ejaculation.

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Cycle #5 – Resolution

This is when the body goes back to its normal pre-arousal state.  Swelling in the genitals and other areas decrease.  Muscles relax and organs and tissues resume their original positions.  Heart beat and breathing slows down and some men feel so relaxed that they just want to go to sleep while women want to cuddle…but that’s another story!

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