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Female Oral Sex Techniques

Female Oral Sex Techniques by Dr. Ava Cadell

Giving and receiving oral sex can make some people feel inhibited about their own genitals.  It can also be intimidating having someone look at you down there and your mind may be filled with fear of what you smell like, taste like, and look like.  But believe me, when you find someone you love and trust, oral sex will be one of the most intimate and erotic acts within a loving adult relationship. Here are some oral sex techniques for that special woman in your life.

  • A woman is more sensitive so begin with less pressure than you would like.
  • Kiss and lick the inside of her thighs to create sexual anticipation.
  • Explore the entire Vulva (outside of the vagina) with circular tongue motions.
  • Suck on her labia (vaginal lips) gently.
  • Long lapping motions with your tongue from her vaginal opening to her clitoris.
  • Use a pointy tongue all around the clitoris but not directly on it.
  • Write numbers on her entire Vulva area with your tongue, then the alphabet.
  • Slip one or two fingers inside her vagina as you gently lick her clitoris.
  • Use a stiff tongue to lick her clitoris from side to side.
  • Make humming sounds with your lips so they vibrate as you kiss the clitoris.
  • Stroke her perineum (between the anus and vaginal opening) while sucking gently on her clitoris.
  • Never rub or insert anything sugary in a woman's vagina because it will cause infection.
  • Draw her closer by lifting her buttocks and kissing her vagina just as you would her mouth.
  • Alternate pressure with your tongue as you lick long and short strokes from the anus to the clitoris.
  • Insert a fingertip into her anus as you lick her clitoris.
  • Gently pull her labia majora apart (outside lips) and lick the labia minora (inside lips) with the tip of your tongue.
  • Nuzzle your face in her mound and brush your lips and nose over her clitoris.
  • Insert your tongue into her vaginal opening with quick pointy motions.
  • Flick your tongue over clitoris alternating from up and down and side to side.
  • When she is on the verge of orgasm, make your lips into an O and take her clitoris in your mouth sucking gently.
  • Insert one or two fingers and discover her G-spot while licking her clitoris.
  • Lick her entire vulva like an ice cream cone with lapping motions.
  • Use your tongue like a snake sliding and twisting it inside her slowly, then fast
  • Suck on some ice before licking her vagina for a cool sensation.
  • Drink some hot liquid and then suck and twirl your hot tongue over her.
  • Don't change the rhythm of your motion when she is climaxing.
  • Don't stop immediately after she has climaxed.  Keep going until she stops you.
  • Ask her how and where she wants you to lick, kiss and suck her.  Tell her to direct you


Remember that practice...practice...practice makes perfect!

Oral Sex

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